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Wooden bracket gages with metal details to simulate the bracket mounting surface and the tube wrap are effective, simple economical die setup and reference standards.


Urethane or wooden gages for prototype or low production fuel rails can be produced in much less time than similar metal gages and for a fraction of the cost


Wooden bender, profile or setup gages provide excellent precision and usability.  Wooden gages have been the tubing industry standard for decades.

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Urethane "envelope" gages, cut with our Haas CNC machining center, provide the most accurate attribute gage available.  The tube form tolerance is built into the gage envelope or trough, simplifying tube inspection for the operator, minimizing user errors and assuring high levels of gage R&R confidence. The durability of aluminum filled rigid urethane makes this gage extremely rugged and stable.

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With many different techniques possible, Woodpecker Industries can 
make the parts that you need.


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