About Us

We are a small organization focused on customer service. Our practice is to work with our customers as if we were part of their engineering and quality teams. We often join our customers when they meet with their customers to discuss design and quality requirements and issues and to develop gage design criteria.

We are often the first people to try to use customer data to create a physical product and often find conflicts between math data and customer prints, or conditions that exist in the math data that simply cannot be recreated in the real world. We alert the customer early in the design / build process in an effort to avoid the cost of changes down the road when delivery times become compressed.

Having been associated with the auto business for more that 40 years, we understand how the part and tooling design processes work and are comfortable working directly with Ford, GM and other personnel to help to build better products.

We have delivered our gages to many countries including Mexico, Canada, Poland, China, Spain, and Australia. We are very familiar with export processes.

We are located in Northern Lower Michigan, close to Lake Michigan, ski resorts, airports and I-75. With the great service that UPS, FedEx and various LTL freight haulers provide we generally ship to all of Michigan, the northern half of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois overnight. We are also near the many tubing fabricators and bender builders that have set up shop in Northern Michigan. We have a long history of serving our customers well from this great location.