Our fixtures are accurate, robust and well finished. All of our details are CNC cut, enabling us to build fixtures with the best accuracy in the industry.

We use composites that are much more dense and wear resistant than mahogany or tan and pink-ish composites used by many fixture builders. Most of our fixtures are built with gray tooling board with a density of 850g/m3. When more durable fixtures are needed we use a green board with a density of 1200g/m3 and for severe service we use a very tough board with a density of 1600g/m3.

The troughs in our envelope or tunnel gages are CNC cut using either ball end mills ground to the trough size or CAM software generated toolpath with stepover distances set to ensure that the scallop height in the troughs or tunnels is undetectable when CMM probed with a Ø2.00mm stylus.


The scallop height in the troughs of some of our competitorsí gages is too large to allow repeatable cylinder construction when probing with a CMM .They have convinced the industry that probing pins inserted in holes at theoretical tube segment intersections will tell the user that the trough centerlines are cut correctly and the troughs are sized correctly. The only thing one learns when probing pins at theoretical intersection points is where the pins are located -- they learn nothing about the geometry of the trough that is supposed to verify tube shape.


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