All measuring equipment is calibrated
This gage making business is a specialized spin-off of the wood pattern making industry. Years back, we made products entirely of wood and showed only the basic form of a bent tube. Over the years, metal and plastic features were added and more and more sophistication was added to the relatively cheap and quick wood gage. Today, using electronic data transfer, CAD and a Haas machining center, full tolerance urethane envelope gages with metal details addressing GDT are built to within a tenth of a millimeter of accuracy verified on a DEA Mistral coordinate measuring machine.

With our Haas VF-3 vertical machining center we have the ability to cut simple and complex shapes in wood, plastic and metal. We have the ability to transfer machine codes directly to the machining center from our CAD station, using Hypermill inside of Mechanical Desktop.

Wooden profile or bender gage, "0" tolerance, with steel end blocks.